Contact Lens Care

Soft Contact Lens Insertion & Removal


Soft Contact Lens Cleaning with Multipurpose Solution


Hard Contact Lens (RGP) Insertion & Removal


Products for RGPs

Boston Original Cleaner & Conditioner

Boston Original Formula Cleaner for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact LensesBoston Conditioning Solution

Boston Advance Cleaner & Conditioner

Boston Advance CleanerBoston Advance Contact Lens Conditioning Solution

Boston Simplus Multipurpose

Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact

Menicon Unique Multipurpose

Unique pH Multi-Purpose Solution + RGP Lens Case

Lobob Optimum CDS

Optimum by Lobob CDS Cleaning Disinfecting and Storage Solution

Scleral Contact Lens Insertion, Removal, Troubleshooting and Lens Care


Products for Scleral Lenses

DMV Scleral Cup for insertion

Large DMV with holes for Scleral Lens insertion

DMV Ultra for removal of Scleral Lenses or RGPs





Non Preserved Saline:  PuriLens Plus (replaces the discontinued Unisol 4), Oasis Tears/Tears Plus, AddiPak, or Menicon LacriPure

Unisol 4 Saline Solution 3 Packpurilens-plus-image

















Cleaners:  Optimum ESC or MiraFlow generic (Walgreens Extra Strength Cleaner)

Walgreens Extra Strength Daily Contact Lens Cleaneroptimum-escmiraflow-image


Wetting and Rewetting Drops:  Optimum WRW


Soft or Hard Contact Lens Disinfecting with Clear Care Solution